Group meetings are intended to provide

support, stimulation, and dream work
in an intimate setting

   Offer insight for coping with everyday challenges.

   Deepen understanding of one's inner world and strengthen the bridge between the inner life and the outer.

   Provide an opportunity to be with others who share common value for the creative and symbolic life.

   Enhance skills for self-expression and for listening deeply that carry on beyond group meetings.

some thoughts about group therapy

    High stress and alienation are core experiences of the modern city, where love and friendship have weakened and given way to a multitude of contacts beyond our capacity for truly human relating.  I took to heart Jung's concern about the potential for group process to undermine individuality.  I studied his reservations and the methods Jungian therapists devised to overcome them, experimented in a group by incorporating ideas from existential psychology, and eventually lectured on the challenges of group therapy.  Over time, I have maintained the conviction that group work is a worthwhile therapeutic adventure and, within the culture of the city, fulfills a true need.

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